Yes, obviously flowers are inspiring. Nature’s palette and design are at their finest in the plant world. But I’ve been noticing online how many of my friends are really starting to look at flowers. Maybe it’s because more people are talking walks or spending time in their gardens during shelter-in-place. Funny how these details come into focus once the world slows down.


As a photographer I can’t seem to pass them by. Poppies, roses, iris, sweet peas, fox glove, geranium, even weeds – each have their own personality and a language that the Victorians deciphered through Floriography.

In our PERCH shop, we feature the work of two artists mastering the impressions of blooms and light. Kim Ford Kitz, is a California girl who has spent much of her life near the beach. Her eye has been trained by the various blues of the ocean to catch light whether it’s in a city skyline or in a bouquet of peonies. Her series of abundant flower paintings are now available as prints on canvas, ready-to-hang and bring the garden indoors.


Another painter inspired by the garden is Carrie Lederer, just added to the PERCH line-up. Carrie lives in Oakland and studies the elaborate patterns and lively colors right in her own backyard. Working in paint and ink, collage and textiles – she represents the magic that reappears every season with a glorious burst of movement and life. We are excited to offer two gorgeous prints and some unique pieces on wood that will remind you of Spring year-round.


As Claude Monet once said, “I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” I think we can all agree that nature’s display of beauty and rebirth is giving us all a reason to rejoice.