Holiday Gift Guide

This has been a very unusual year to say the least. We’ll have to keep adjusting as the holidays approach and find ways to celebrate friends and family while staying safe. The best gift you can give this year is to be patient and keep wearing your masks!
Beyond that, you might want to give an extra special gift that will end 2020 on a note of beauty and hope. We’ve highlighted some choices for you from PERCH Art House – the online gallery that began in response to pandemic shutdowns of museums and galleries.
When you buy art or collectibles from PERCH you are directly supporting artists who have been affected by the economic challenges of 2020. The thrifted items we carry are sourced from charity shops – so you are also practicing retail philanthropy when you purchase our curated objects.
When you follow @percharthouse on Instagram, we will send you a special discount code to save an additional 10% on any item.
Thank you for supporting small businesses and local art!

Find the perfect gift for the person who is..... A NATURALIST

  1. Nicole KatanoCurlique, archival digital print, 11 x 14" $400 LINK
  2. Gold Leaf Candleholder, 6 x 6.5" $24 LINK
  3. Carrie LedererIn the Green, acrylic & ink on paper, 12 x 12" $700 LINK
  4. Tree of Life, molded resin, 14 x 14" $30 LINK
  5. Kim Ford KitzMay Bouquet, giclee print on canvas, 20 x 16" $475 LINK

Find the perfect gift for the person who is..... EMPOWERED

  1. Sue Bradford, Woman's Worth: Width in Inches, solarplate, 4 x 6" $350 LINK
  2. She's A Queen Bowl, handmade ceramic, 7.5" $24 LINK

Find the perfect gift for the person who is..... SPARKLING

  1. Silver Vinyl Clutch, circa 1950s, lavender lining, 8 x 4" $20 LINK
  2. Norma I. QuintanaSequined Cape, Archival pigment print, 10 x 10" image, on 16 x 16" paper, $425 LINK
  3. Nancy Willis, Beziers, monotype mounted on panel, 16 x 16 x 2" $750 LINK
  4. Amber Glass Slipper, 2 x 5" $20 LINK

Find the perfect gift for the person who is..... A GLOBAL CITIZEN

  1. Monica BryantInto the Courtyard, Marrakech Series, giclee print on watercolor paper, 8 x 8" image, 11 x 14" paper $180 LINK
  2. Lonnie Graham, Turkana Woman, Ilemi Triangle, South Sudan, archival pigment print, 8" x 10" image, on 12" x 14" paper $200 LINK
  3. Russian Khokhloma bowls, set of three, dimensions vary $20 LINK
  4. Fuchsia Tunic, made in India, size medium $17 LINK
  5. Indian Vase Trio, brass made in India, dimensions vary $24 LINK

Find the perfect gift for the person who is..... A LOCAL YOKEL

  1. Beaded California Fruit, Size ranges 3.5" to 1.5" $24 LINK
  2. Barbara MaricleTerraform 3, digital print of original painting, 22 x 18" $280 LINK
  3. Red Rooster, wood and paint, 14 x 10" $18 LINK
  4. Martin WebbHearst, Nightwalking Series, mixed media on wood, 14 x 14" $600 LINK

Find the perfect gift for the person who is..... A NEWLYWED

  1. Joy BroomBride 1 (detail), sketchbook page, pencil, ballpoint pen, photographs, lace, beeswax, 10 x 10" $275 LINK 
  2. Kewpie Bride and Groom Caketoppers, 5 x 2" each $25 LINK

Find the perfect gift for the person who is..... A HIPSTER

  1. Lynn BeldnerDredge, wood and metal, 11 x 15 x 4" $350 LINK
  2. Mushroom Hot-pads, 8 x 8" each $12 LINK
  3. Hand-carved Wooden Turtle, 4.5 x 4.5" $20 LINK
  4. Lynn Beldner, Expectations, archival pigment print, 16 x 18" $250 LINK

Find the perfect gift for the person who is..... YOURSELF
Photographs starting at $100

  1. Marcell TurnerBusking, Archival pigment print, 16 x 20" $100 LINK
  2. Ann TrincaAutumn, digital print, 11 x 17" $100 LINK