The Beach

Every time I need inspiration, I drive to the beach. I was born and raised in California and spent summers camping in the family trailer along the West Coast from Coronado to Carmel to Coos Bay. I remember leaping over the crest of the waves, picking the sand from my hair, and looking out to the horizon wondering about the teeming life that lived below.

As an artist and philosopher, the beach is my muse and happy place. I fell in love with the ocean and its reassuring continuity and intrigued by its mysteries. The colors and creatures you find at low tide only hint at the universe we cannot see.

I recently curated an exhibition title The Great Wave, initially inspired by the famous woodblock print by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. I included artists such as Brandon Anderton who use the beach as their canvas, but also artists who are transforming plastic debris into portraits or recreating coral reefs in ceramics.

The experience of creating this exhibition with the outstanding team at Bedford Gallery reminded me that the ocean is not only an inspiration for artists, it is a precious natural resource worth protecting. To see more of the work in the exhibition, head over to

(photo of installation by Brandon Anderton @frpart